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Cosmetic dentistry beautifies your smile

Most people think of cosmetic dentistry in terms of expensive makeovers. In truth, cosmetic dentistry includes many inexpensive and affordable procedures designed to enhance and beautify your smile.

One of the most cost-effective smile enhancements is teeth whitening. We can dramatically whiten your smile in the comfort of our office or let you do it in the comfort of your own home. In-office whitening is not only faster, but highly effective! And our one to two-week home program with custom take-home whitening trays, whether used alone or after in-office bleaching, can offer excellent results.

Occasionally, teeth may be so badly stained that bleaching must be done prior to more advanced treatments such as veneers or bonding. Some sensitivity may occur during whitening. Any symptoms usually subside when whitening is discontinued for several days. We may recommend fluoride treatments for patients who whiten their teeth to decrease their sensitivity. We carefully select our teeth bleaching products for maximum whitening results with the greatest comfort.

The incredible beauty of porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are used to treat or correct crooked front teeth or teeth that have been stained, discolored, chipped or worn. We also use veneers to correct front teeth that have unsightly or unwanted gaps.

A dental veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that is bonded directly onto the front of the tooth. Each veneer is carefully crafted in the lab and cemented for maximum strength. Once placed, veneers can dramatically improve your smile. They give you the look of having perfect front teeth. In order to achieve the best cosmetic result, we usually recommend teeth whitening before veneers are placed.

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, please call 575.521.0127 for your free consultation. You can also use our online Request an Appointment form to book your one-on-one time with one of our dental specialists.


I felt comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. I appreciated the time Dr. Martin took to explain the options I had regarding a needed dental procedure. I left her office confident that I chose the procedure that best suited my needs. Though I am not looking forward to the dental procedure itself, I wouldn't want to have it done by anyone but her. She seems to genuinely care about her patients and I feel very fortunate that I was referred to her.