What Causes Loose Teeth? 

Having loose teeth as an adult isn’t normal. Many people go their whole lives without any problems with loose teeth. Others have loose teeth conditions get worse over time. What causes loose teeth, and why do some people suffer from this while others have no much healthier teeth?

Poor Dental Hygiene

One main cause of loose teeth is poor dental hygiene. Your dental hygiene needs to be good from the time you’re a child all the way through your entire life. Unfortunately, many adults fail to maintain good dental hygiene for one reason or another. They may suffer from dementia, which inhibits personal care habits, or they may just have fallen into bad habits in general. Whatever the reason, not brushing, flossing and rinsing can lead to loose teeth.

The reason this happens is that bacteria end up eating away at the teeth below the gum line. A pocket is then formed where the tooth meets the gum line. This is a place where food gets stuck, which in turn feeds more bacteria. Eventually, the gum tissue is no longer tight against the tooth, and the tooth gets loose.

Prescription Medication

Surprisingly, some prescription medications have side effects that can lead to loose teeth. The reasons may be unclear, but the results are the same. If you have loose teeth and are on prescription medication, check the fine print on your labels. Consider talking to your doctor about possibly changing medications if you feel the two are related.


Older adults in America sometimes suffer unknowingly from malnutrition. This may be because of alcohol abuse or a lack of good eating habits. This malnutrition can lead to loose teeth. Unless vitamins and minerals are reintroduced back into the diet, the problem will persist and severe tooth loss may occur. If you suspect that malnutrition is a root cause of your tooth problems, consult with your personal physician as well as your dentist.

If you have one or more loose teeth, you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist may be able to save your teeth, or they may be able to offer you a solution such as dental implants. Contact us today for more information about your options in the even of loose teeth.


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