When Is It Time to See the Dentist?

Do you know how often you’re supposed to see the dentist in Las Cruces, NM? We can help! It’s important to see the dentist for periodic cleanings and examinations. You should also see the dentist when you notice symptoms of a problem or when you’re having an emergency. Here’s what to know.

See the Dentist for Regular Appointments Twice Per Year

Most dentists recommend that their patients come for a dental cleaning in Las Cruces, NM, twice annually. During these twice-per-year dental appointments, the dental professional will clean your teeth and examine your teeth for problems. Your dentist may also give you a fluoride treatment or may x-ray your teeth if you haven’t had this done in a while.

Visit the Dentist If You Notice Symptoms and When It’s An Emergency

Watch your teeth for signs of a problem. If you notice any of the following problems, contact your dentist to make an appointment:

  • Sudden increased sensitivity in one tooth or one area of your mouth
  • Pain when chewing or pain at unpredictable times
  • Gums bleed, particularly when brushing your teeth

The following are dental emergencies. Contact your dentist as soon as possible if you have any one of the following problems:

  • Loss of a permanent tooth
  • Tooth is cracked, chipped or broken
  • Severe pain in one of your teeth, accompanied by swelling in the gums and nearby cheek
  • Injury and bleeding in the mouth

Whether you need a standard dental cleaning or you have a dental emergency, contact University Family Dental. We’ll be happy to clean your teeth, provide a diagnosis for your condition and help restore your teeth to good health. Call today to make an appointment.

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