Which Beverages Are Bad for Teeth?

It’s important to always take care of our teeth and overall dental health. While this includes seeing the dentist on a routine basis, it also includes limiting the consumption of certain beverages.

Take a look at the following drinks that can harm your teeth:


Due to its extremely high sugar content and level of carbonation, cola is one of the worst drinks for your oral health. Also, while you should try to avoid all soda, cola is especially harmful. It tends to have the highest acidity among all soda types, which can lead to tooth decay and softened tooth enamel.

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Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are also very acidic, making them a poor beverage for your teeth. Additionally, these drinks can give you hyperactive energy, possibly leading to teeth-grinding, which can also cause issues.


Unfortunately, drinking coffee regularly can break down tooth enamel, which can lead to sensitivity problems. This common beverage can also cause teeth staining.


Mimosas contain a lot of sugar and acidity, making them another drink to avoid for your dental health. This beverage is also bubbly, which is a negative for your teeth. Furthermore, mimosas are often sipped, meaning they sit on your teeth for long periods.

Vinegar-Based Drinks

Kombucha and other vinegar-based drinks do provide a number of health benefits, but this doesn’t include your oral health. These beverages tend to contain high acidity levels, leading to a loss of minerals and tooth erosion.

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