What to Do When You Lose a Crown

It can be exceptionally frustrating to lose a crown, particularly when it’s sold as a product that lasts. Unfortunately, it’s relatively common for a crown to either fall off or be pulled off long before it’s supposed to. Sometimes crowns fall off or break because you ate something particularly sticky or hard, but sometimes the adhesive fails because your enamel is starting to wear away. If you have a crown in Las Cruces, NM, we’ll look at what you should do if you lose one.

Steps to Take

Here are the major steps to take:

  • Make an appointment: It doesn’t have to be with your regular dentist — particularly if you think that the crown was pulled off due to faulty work. However, it’s important not to leave the tooth vulnerable for very long.
  • Rinse and recover the crown: You may not have to get a new crown if the one that fell off is still in good shape. Rinse it off and hold onto it before bringing it to a dentist in Las Cruces, NM.
  • Protect the tooth: Products at the drugstore, like dental wax or cement, may be able to give your tooth temporary support. Ideally, you’ll be able to see your dentist right away, but this isn’t always possible. In addition, you should avoid chewing or eating on that side to avoid additional damage.

Talk to a Dentist in Las Cruces, NM

While the frustration is real when it comes to losing a crown, the good news is that it’s also entirely fixable. At University Family Dental, we have restorative dentistry services that can help you rebuild your smile from the ground-up. Here, we can either reattach the crown you lost or provide you with a new one.


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