Yes, You Can Visit Your Local Dentist for Botox Treatment

Dental Botox in Las Cruces, NM is a simple way to add more contour to the face or reduce wrinkles. However, it has only been in the last several years that people have had the option to receive Botox injections from their dentist rather than going to a beauty spa or receiving the injections while also undergoing plastic surgery. University Family Dental is pleased to be one of the few dental practices in the Las Cruces area that offers Botox as a stand-alone cosmetic treatment.

How Botox Helps to Reduce Facial Wrinkles

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Botox for the reduction or elimination of wrinkles several decades ago. Most patients request Botox treatment for wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows or near the eyes and forehead. They may also desire Botox for deeply-set lines and wrinkles near the mouth known as laugh lines or nasolabial folds. The two biggest factors that determine the development of wrinkles include aging and wear on facial muscles.

Botox, which is short for botulinum toxin, is a substance that temporarily paralyzes muscles to reduce or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. The initial injections with a tiny needle containing the substance are nearly painless, and the number of needles Dr. Kimberly Martin, Dr. Patricia Martin, or Dr. Lara use depends on the patient’s treatment goals.

What to Expect During and After a Botox Session

The dentist working with each patient provides a numbing cream before inserting the Botox needles. The patient then relaxes in a dental chair until the end of each session. Botox requires no recovery or downtime, but patients may want to avoid strenuous activities for the first day.

The staff at University Family Dental in Las Cruces, New Mexico is happy to answer any additional questions about Botox treatments. Please contact us with inquiries or to schedule an appointment.

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